Broadway and Times Square

2013-08-31 21.28.18On Saturday night about 8:45 we were ready for an adventure, so we walked outside and decided to venture over to Times Square.  The temperature has been in the 80s-90s since we arrived, with at least that much humidity….not Colorado weather for sure!  It took about 30 minutes and initially our walk was fairly quiet but as we got across 5th Ave and closer to the theater district, the crowds began to swell.  Times Square itself was unbelievable….total daylight and thousands of people.  All the shops were open… least 100 in the MAC shop trying out makeup at 9:30 pm on a Saturday night…..crazy!  The Sunglass Hut store had twice that many.

We walked slowly up Broadway past many shows.

2013-08-31 21.23.552013-08-31 21.25.39  We hope to get to Motown the Musical this fall.  We are exploring ticket sources and getting advice.  We walked home….had been gone 90 minutes and walking the whole time…..hello, New York!2013-08-31 21.26.04


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