Sticker Shock

ImageMatthew and Amanda sent us a welcome bouquet…this photo is in our bedroom….Audrey and Mary.

We have several neighborhood markets for food shopping.  Our first venture into one was total sticker shock:

  • $10 pound bacon
  • $5.39 gallon milk
  • $6 one box of cereal

We are guessing we will get used to it…..and may come back to Denver a lot thinner and hungrier!  Most people seem to dine out and there are at least two restaurants on every block, along with a cleaners, nail shop, newsstand, fruit market.  The cross streets in our neighborhood are one or two lanes and mostly residential with the north/south being the major streets.  We are close to First Ave and Second Ave, and everything we need is nearby.  We walked up to Bed Bath Beyond on E. 61st St and it was a quick stroll.  Every store seems to have a doorman, even BBB or TJ Maxx!

We keep getting restaurant suggestions…everyone has his/her favorites.  From posted menus it appears that prices for entrees are usually $20-30, and these are known as moderate prices.  As we walk down the residential streets, we keep finding little restaurants tucked into a little niche here and there and ready for discovery.  We are eager to start exploring!

Just walking the streets is such fun and observing all the people and sights.  We saw a man in a suit carrying his golf bag, a guy on a bicycle pulling a shopping cart alongside, and a girl in bikini top and shorts and magenta furry boots…..crazy!  The main mode of transportation is walking.  We are going to get our official “senior” subway/bus pass later this week which allows us to travel at half-price around the city…nice!

We have walked to Rockefeller Center, Central Park, UN Plaza, 5th Avenue shopping and all are about 20 minutes away.  The foliage is lush everywhere.  All apartment buildings have planted areas near the front of the building and many are enclosed with wrought iron.  There are trees on every street and we are amazed at all of the greenery everywhere, a nice relief from the cement and asphalt. Yesterday we walked along 51st Street and there in between two apartment buildings was a small park complete with a magnificent waterfall.  Every time we walk we see something totally unexpected!

2013-09-02 17.55.362013-09-02 16.51.48


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