Adventuring out on my own

2013-09-04 08.46.242013-09-04 08.47.37

I had a great day on Wednesday. Den and I walked to the UN about 8:00 am for the weekly farmers’ market.  The vendors are required to be independent and from a location close to NYC.  This was such a pleasure…..a real farmers’ market with fresh produce, some still with dirt clinging to the roots.  It was hard to decide which variety of apples to buy!  I loaded up with peaches, plums, apples, tomatoes, sweet corn……so much fun.  People shopping appeared to be multicultural, of course, with businessmen and women rushing off to work, others (like me) strolling peacefully along on this beautiful morning. The Dag Hammerskjold Plaza is a lovely block of gardens and benches and trees and fountains.  There is a small walking path in honor of Katherine Hepburn as well as lovely wrought iron gazebos. All of this is bounded by the UN Building and Trump Tower, a respite in the heart of the city.

2013-09-04 08.52.25I next ventured out to the New York Public Library on 42nd and 5th Avenue, a 25 minute walk from our apartment.  It has long been a dream of mine to visit this library and it was worth the wait.  The lions, Patience and Fortitude, stand at the entrance to this monumental building. 2013-09-04 15.23.14First, I went to the main desk up marble steps to the third floor and got my library card.  I wandered about marveling at the architecture and then took the guided tour for an hour which was so interesting.  We visited the various reading rooms with painted ceilings and ornate plasterwork.2013-09-04 14.47.26 2013-09-04 14.47.30There is a spectacular children’s book exhibit that I could have spent a day visiting, including the original bear given by AA Milne to his son from which Winnie The Pooh developed, the creation of Nancy Drew, and historical copies of Fun With Dick and Jane and Eloise and the books we all grew up with. I ended my visit by checking out two novels… I am almost a true New Yorker.

I walked next door to Bryant Park and enjoyed this interesting green space full of people interacting or quietly reading.  There were many fast chess games going on which were fascinating and people lined up to challenge the park masters.  In the midst of the park is an outdoor library of books and periodicals, just to be read in that space.

I started my walk back home but got sidelined when I came to Grand Central Station and had to go inside to view the spectacular terminal.  2013-09-04 12.05.52   I met Den at his office and we walked home together, stopping at our local market for some bubble water first.  We had leftover Chinese for supper and watched the US Open and made plans to try to go there this weekend.  Got to bed after 11:00, which seems typical for New York.  It was a great day!



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