US Open

IMG_0794IMG_0760 On Saturday we took the  subway to Queens to the US Open. We walked to Grand Central to get the train and then rode for about 25 minutes to Flushing Meadows.  We got into the ticket line with not much hope but thought we’d try…..they had two tickets left for the day for the Djokovic-Wawrinka  match and each was $395!  The other choice was for grounds tickets for $25 each…guess which one we chose?  It was amazing just being there…..the grounds have about 20 courts in a park-like setting and were full of vendors such as Mercedes, Emirates Airlines, Tiffany, Nike, etc.  the food choices were equally amazing.  We walked over to the practice courts, which were not even crowded, and there right before our eyes was Serena!  Next to her was Richard Gasquet who was to play Nadal in the semi’s that night.IMG_0762    IMG_0764 IMG_0766 IMG_0769We watched the practicing for a while and then as the players left, they came right by us…we were 6′ from Serena!  She is actually shorter in person than she appears and she was very nice to the crowd.IMG_0770  After Serena walked by then up stepped Bud Collins…remember him from decades ago?  He actually stopped so I could take his picture and then I had to also get one from the back….the outfit!!!IMG_0771 IMG_0772Then Viktoria Azarenka came onto the court and we watched her practice and then sign autographs.IMG_0776 IMG_0779 IMG_0780There were lots of matches being played on various courts and we watched some of the wheelchair events which were just amazing.  As we rounded one corner we came upon Martina Navratilova in a doubles match.IMG_0789 IMG_0790Then we went to watch the men on the big screen just outside Arthur Ashe stadium.  IMG_0783 IMG_0786IMG_0796This was a marathon of a match and so much fun to be sitting there on this warm sunny day enjoying the game and the crowd….a perfect New York Saturday!


2 thoughts on “US Open

  1. Jeanne Tucker

    What an exciting weekend….great choice getting the $25 tickets! I’m impressed that you recognized so many of the players….I would have walked by most of them not realizing who they even were!

    1. maryglinden Post author

      Loving it here! We have both Campbell Apt and the Highline Canal on our list of things we have to do. Tonight we are going to a dance performance in Central Park…tomorrow night to the Philharmonic. We are not sure three months is enough time to see and do it al!!!!! Hope we can see you in November….tell us your dates once you have your plans. XXOO, M


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