Baseball Week in NY

2013-09-19 15.38.34One of our original goals in coming to New York was to see a Mets games and a Yankees game, and we did both this week… went to a play about baseball!

We took the 7 subway to Queens to Citi Field last Saturday afternoon.  It was the same subway, route, and stop that we had travelled our first weekend here when we went to the US Open.  The subway ride is about 35 minutes and has 17 stops from Grand Central to Flushing Meadows.  We had to stand for all 17 stops because the cars were packed on this hot sticky day plus the air conditioning did not seem to be working (we have found that subways can be occasionally undependable).  Spirits were high and the passengers (young, old, babies) were obviously excited to get to the field, as it was noisy just riding in that confined space surrounded by groups of families and friends.  Once again we talked about all that New Yorkers must endure just to get where they need to go.  No one ever complains, however… is a way of life here.2013-09-19 14.27.30

Citi Field is a new park and reminded us of Coors Field in that it was spacious, clean and fan friendly. 2013-09-19 13.03.03 We bought tickets from a scalper and noticed that these guys are much more aggressive than the ones on Blake Street.  We watched a few innings from our seats in center field and then moved into the shade in right field.  2013-09-19 13.39.56There were lots of empty seats as the Mets are not contenders.  They lost the game to the Giants 2-1, but the experience was fun and we were glad we went.

On Monday night about 6 pm we decided to walk over to Times Square to TKTS, the discount ticket seller.  One advantage of living here is being able to do such things as this on the spur of the moment.  We asked at the box office if there were any tickets to Kinky Boots or to Book of Mormon and, of course, there weren’t.  We told the seller that we had to try and he smiled and agreed….better luck next time.  We then bought tickets to an off-Btoadway show, Bronx Bombers.  We had read about this play that centers around old Yankee icons such as Yogi Berra, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, and Reggie Jackson.  It is in previews at the Duke Theater, and we decided to give it a try.  The theater is a small one similar to the old Space theater at the DCPA.  It is black box in the round and holds only about 200 people.  Our seats were very close to the actors and we enjoyed this new experience.  The play was great fun and a good preparation for last night….a Yankees game.2013-09-25 18.49.22

The Yankees have been going downhill for the last few weeks, and we saw the game that officially put them out of the playoffs when they lost 8-3 to the Tampa Bay Rays.  This evening of adventure involved the A line from Central Park west northward into the Bronx.  From the minute you step off the train you are assaulted by guys selling all kinds of memorabilia and aggressively panhandling merchandise.  You know you are at Yankee Field.

From the moment we entered the gates, however, it was magical (at least to me, not so much to that old Yankee-hater I am married to).  We were handed Charlie Brown bobbleheads (wearing Yankee pinstripes) which were symbolizing the team by Charlie’s old phrase, “How can we lose if we are so sincere?”

Den and Charlie Brown bobblehead

Den and Charlie Brown bobblehead

If we had been there the previous night we would have gotten Mariano Rivera bobbleheads! Oh, well.

As we were taking escalators up and up to our seats we walked through one section2013-09-25 18.44.26 where there was a large group of nuns in their habits who had come to see their team, an unusual sight for sure.

Andy Pettite

Andy Pettite

Mariano Rivera....truly!

Mariano Rivera….truly!

The evening began with honors for Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettite, both retiring this week.

There was also a recognition for Derek
Jeter who has been out with injuries all year and is beloved by fans.
The fans booed loudly whenever A Rod came up to bat. He had a bad night and was replaced by Ichiro and the fans cheered and cheered.2013-09-25 21.56.02
The game had lots of action and the background of skyscrapers twinkling in the dark night was a lovely setting.
I had hot dog with saurkraut to get the whole experience (a beer at Yankee Stadium is $11). Towards the end of the night we moved down into a section close to the field to see the players up close and personal. It was a perfect way to end the evening…….and a week of baseball in NY!
Two fans wearing "Thanks Mo Rivera".

Two fans wearing “Thanks Mo Rivera”.


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