Addendum to Brown post: Monet at MOMA

2013-11-15 17.24.51Oops….I forgot to talk about Monet’s water lilies in my last post re MOMA with Lynne and Hugh Brown.

The MOMA owns two triptychs of Monet’s water lilies.  These are similar to those at L’Orangerie in Paris.  Each is over 40 feet long.

Viewers are invited to sit on long benches in the gallery and contemplate the beauty and peacefulness of these paintings.2013-11-15 17.24.36

A single Monet painting is also on display that depicts a Japanese pond at Giverny.  2013-11-15 17.24.05

In 1955 the MOMA became the first museum in the United States to acquire a Monet water lily painting.  As stated on the description in the gallery, “….since that time the water lilies have held a cherished position in the Museum, affirming Monet’s conviction that art can provide a balm for the modern soul.”


One thought on “Addendum to Brown post: Monet at MOMA

  1. Jeanne Tucker

    I am so enjoying reading your blog….I am going to feel sad when you go home next week & your NYC travel journal ends!!
    There are so many things I want to see & do next time I’m back in NYC as a result of your descriptions of your experiences!! Thank you!!


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