Very last weekend in NYC Nov 30-Dec 2

It’s our last few days of the best time of our lives!

A few weeks ago, Den entered a raffle at an NMSS benefit party, and he won a complimentary night at the Bowery Hotel plus dinner.  The last day of November was our chosen date for this memorable event.

2013-11-30 14.38.122013-11-30 14.27.03We first took the subway, as usual, to Union Square to do some holiday shopping, as this had been reputed to be the best Christmas market in the city.  It was super-crowded and really painful.  We enjoyed walking about the north end of the square by the statue of Lincoln plus visiting the fresh food green market.  2013-11-30 14.27.35We truly wanted to buy a sweet wreath made from princess pine, unlike anything we have in Denver, but had no room.  We enjoyed some hot cider on this brisk day.

We headed east towards the Alphabet City area, an up and coming part of NYC that is just starting to become gentrified.

2013-11-30 15.51.42 We stopped at Obscura on 13th & A.  2013-11-30 15.45.43This is a store devoted to death and is owned by the sister of Seth Gopin, our fabulous leader for the architectural tour we took earlier with Gail Fisher.  The shop was just as weird as we had expected, even though it is featured on national tv.  The area south of here around 9th and A or 1st was particularly cute with antique shops and boutiques.2013-11-30 17.41.59

We arrived at the Bowery Hotel about 5 pm.  It is one of the “in” places in NYC now.  Cost of a room is usually about $400 per night.  Our lovely room was small and furnished with exquisite linens and furnishings.  The window looked out onto a brick building with signage for “rooms for one, baths.”  It reminded us that we were in a very old part of the city.

2013-11-30 17.25.04We had a beer in the cozy bar which is actually a large living room with a wood-burning fireplace.  2013-11-30 17.51.05We looked around at all the young people gathered in small groups chatting and laughing and relaxing.  What a lovely place for a Saturday night!

We went into the next room for dinner, Gemma, an Italian restaurant and had saltimbocca.  For dessert we had affogato, one of our NY discoveries.  As we were finishing dinner, we looked out the window and saw Judy and Gary Givens, friends from Denver, walking by.  They joined us briefly and then we walked with them a couple of blocks to Susan (daughter) and Chris’s apartment at Bowery & Houston.  This was a chance to see our first apartment besides our own.  They have two bedrooms and rent is $7000/mo!  It was a pleasure to walk back to the hotel and climb into a fabulous firm bed with fine Egyptian cotton sheets.

2013-11-30 15.56.23On Sunday we met the Givens for brunch at Lafayette and then parted ways. We walked around the lower east side and it felt very familiar, just like we live here….we do!  2013-12-01 11.43.29Along the way we saw well-known art murals and laughed at the hotel sign below.2013-12-01 12.11.19

We took the subway to midtown to see the holiday windows.  2013-12-01 13.38.052013-12-01 14.06.14Macy’s was disappointing but the adorable old-fashioned windows at Lord & Taylor were wonderful.

2013-12-01 14.16.02It was two short blocks to the NY Public Library where we admired the tree in the Astor Lobby and bid a fond farewell to one of our favorite places.

2013-12-01 14.29.04We shopped the Bryant Park market for soaps and candles.  It is a festive place at the holidays with a long line to go skating on the city’s only free ice rink.

2013-12-01 15.04.57We walked along 42nd and approached the Chrysler Building, our beacon for going home.  On this beautiful day we could not resist another photo of our favorite landmark.

Close by is the Helmsley Building which is styled much like the Chrysler Building and is just north of Grand Central.  2013-11-27 17.12.35It was elegantly decorated for the holidays.2013-12-01 15.26.56

Arrived home for a pasta dinner and the Bronco game.  We walked over 14,500 steps today, 6 miles!


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